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LogDNA is a centralized log management solution that helps application owners operate more harmoniously in a DevOps world.

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Turnkey integrations for major operating systems, languages, and platforms. (Seriously, we're talking three kubectl commands to send your Kubernetes logs.)

Built to make the complex, simple

Calm the chaos so you can solve the problem at hand

First, search your logs with simple keywords and date ranges. Learn more.

Second, filter based on app, host, or cluster. Learn more.

Third, use presence and absence Alerts to know when something's not right. Learn more.

Lastly, aggregate and visualize critical events. Learn more.


Superior developer experience and peace of mind for SREs

Manage technical complexity

Powerful exclusion rules

Manage log volume by storing what's important and excluding what's not.


Be alerted of the presence or absence of events via Slack, PagerDuty, or anywhere else you work.


Forward your logs to S3 or any other object storage for compliance or later review.

Manage operational complexity

Role-based access

Use role-based access controls to limit access to sensitive logs and destructive actions.

Single sign-on

Use SSO/SAML for enterprise-grade user authentication.

Usage reports

Get Usage Reports and Alerts so that you're always in the know and can manage or stop ingestion as needed.


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