Announcing Advanced On-Premise and Multi-Cloud Logging Platforms

We’re excited to announce the general availability of our new On-Prem, Self-Hosted, and Multi-Cloud logging platforms. Our customers will have the capability to log data in their infrastructure of choice. Whether across multiple public/private clouds or within a customer’s own data center, logs can be viewed through a unified interface while addressing any data locality and performance requirements. LogDNA designed the Self Hosted and Multi-Cloud solutions utilizing insights shared by customers into productivity and budget challenges with existing logging platforms.The On-Premise/Self Hosted solution exceeds the capabilities of competitors and DIY open source options in terms of efficiency, cost, connectivity, and speed. It allows companies to achieve the benefits of having a fully cloud native solution meeting any on-premise logging requirements. LogDNA enables users to implement logging in minutes and includes fully configurable retention periods, unlimited numbers of hosts and sources, all of which are monitored and analyzed from a single friendly UI.

“As the DevOps world continues to evolve, monitoring complex Multi-Cloud environments will be a crucial part of how teams gain deep insights into production applications.  Our new Self Hosted solution enables teams to view all of their log data regardless of data residency and infrastructure.”Chris Nguyen, Co-founder & CEO.

Now that multi-cloud logging is available, companies can have complete control over their data and increase observability as the complexity of their infrastructure increases. It is now a viable option for the industry, no matter the mix of on-premise, private cloud and/or public cloud infrastructure and services to inherit everything our customers love about LogDNA:

  1. Our simple and intuitive interface,
  2. Secure and complaint out of the box
  3. Cost-effective and efficient use of resources
  4. Amazing customer support

Download our guide on how to select a self-hosted log management solution to learn more about what's on the market and why we stand out. LogDNA has been scaling rapidly over the past 12 months with over 2,000 clients some of which are logging 20TB+ per day. LogDNA is trusted by firms including IBM, Lime, OpenAI, Teespring, Instacart, Life360, Lifesize, Rainforest, and more. We enable engineering and DevOps professionals to easily and quickly gather all system and application logs into one intuitive platform and get back to focusing on what is most important: building great products. Contact us to learn more about our fast multi-cloud logging platform.Learn more about Multi-Cloud from LogDNA!

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