Announcing the GA of the LogDNA Configuration API and LogDNA Terraform Provider

Product Updates
July 29, 2021
Albert Feng
Driving product for the Ecosystem team. Avid basketball, tennis and golf player.

We’re excited to announce that our Configuration API and Terraform Provider are now generally available for all LogDNA customers.

We received tremendous feedback from our public beta release and, based on that feedback, we are enabling several new features with the GA release that allow for more programmatic workflows with LogDNA.

First, we are enabling Preset Alerts as a new resource that can be configured with the configuration API as well as within Terraform. Users can now create, update, and delete individual Preset Alerts with the API as well as configure multiple Preset Alerts with Terraform. With the enablement of Preset Alerts through the API and Terraform, any View or Alert resource can now be programmatically configured.

Second, we have added in a GET endpoint for each of our existing resources—making it easier to query the current state of any accounts’ resources.

Third, we are enabling `terraform import` to help with migrating LogDNA accounts with existing resources. To learn more about how to make the most of `terraform import`, check out Terraform’s documentation.

Why try out the Configuration API and Terraform Provider?

With larger organizations that require multiple LogDNA instances or even many Views and Alerts to manage within a single LogDNA instance, manually configuring each resource can be painstaking and error prone. 

With the LogDNA Configuration API and Terraform Provider, development teams can now codify their LogDNA instances and manipulate them as code. With the newest `terraform import`, you can start adding your existing LogDNA state into your Terraform state file. 

Teams can also programmatically add in new Views and Alerts whenever a new issue occurs so they can be ready the next time the same situation occurs.

If you have any questions or feedback about these features, please reach out to me at!

To try out our new Terraform Provider v1.2, please check out our documentation here.

To try out our new GET endpoints along with the Preset Alert endpoints, please check out our documentation here.

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