IBM Think 2019 (San Francisco): Event Recap

With sessions on cloud, big data, and A.I., to training courses, certifications, and hands-on labs, IBM Think 2019 in San Francisco was full of innovation and learning. From talks on emerging technologies and industry trends, the overall theme of the event was clear - IBM is betting on the next chapter of cloud: multi-cloud, Kubernetes, containers, microservices and open-source.Many attendees were interested in the observability solutions offered through IBM Cloud and found the LogDNA team in the Cloud & Infrastructure section at Think 2019. We were proud to showcase our modernized log management system on IBM Cloud.Countless attendees stopped by the booth to learn about our powerful logging platform with live tail, fast search, alerting, and graphing features that could help them on IBM Cloud or within their own infrastructure.Here are some highlights...

  • The event had about 40,000 attendees and encompassed the entire Moscone Center and surrounding streets.
ibm think 2019 san francisco moscone center
  • Being hands-on in the lab sessions of Monitoring and Securing your IBM Kubernetes Workloads in IBM Cloud was a lot of fun
  • In the Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, or Functions? Introducing a Unified Platform for the Modern Enterprise - Chris Rosen, Program Director invited partners up to chat about IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and that included LogDNA CEO, Chris Nguyen. It was a great chat with the two of most brilliant Chris' we know. The future really is multi-cloud.
chris nguyen chris rosen ibm log analysis with logdna

As usual, our hot pink shirts stood out. It's easy to spot us at every event we attend!

logdna booth at ibm think 2019

Our socks were a hit, too. We rolled out our latest season of limited-edition socks (yes, we're creating a new design for each season). So be sure to visit us soon!

logdna socks

If you didn't get to say hi this time around, feel free to drop us a line!To learn more about IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA, check out IBM's website.To learn more about LogDNA, contact us, visit our website, or sign up for a 14-day free trial (no credit card required).

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