Introducing Kubernetes Enrichment Early Access

August 16, 2020
Michael Shi
As a Product Manager at LogDNA for developer experience, Michael loves engaging with our users, tinkering with dev tools, and delivering delightful products.

With more engineering teams adopting Kubernetes as their container orchestration platform, new challenges emerge in giving your entire team visibility into Kubernetes for monitoring, debugging, and deployment. We’ve heard consistent feedback from developers and infrastructure teams about the observability gaps that exist between underlying Kubernetes infrastructure and deployed services.

To solve this issue, we’re excited to announce early access to Kubernetes Enrichment for KubeCon Europe Attendees. LogDNA Kubernetes Enrichment centralizes Kubernetes events, resource metrics, and logs behind a single pane of glass to enable end to end visibility into your Kubernetes cluster.

Deployment Troubleshooting

With Kubernetes Enrichment, your developer team will no longer have to leave the log viewer context to get the information they need to debug their deployment problems. Instead of forcing developers to learn a whole new set of tools and commands, Kubernetes events related to a specific service will display alongside existing application logs.

Whether it’s a simple misconfiguration or an underlying application issue, they are all surfaced in a single view. This empowers developers to troubleshoot seamlessly, resolving deployment issues without deep specialized knowledge of Kubernetes tooling.

Production Monitoring & Debugging

By seeing critical Kubernetes events such as pods crashing or health checks failing in LogDNA, you can effortlessly set up alerts to notify your team of issues occurring in production.

Once notified of an issue, Kubernetes events are correlated easily with application logs in two clicks. This gives immediate visibility into the full application history and pod behavior without manually hunting down pod names and logs.

If the problem isn’t as obvious as a crashing pod, the new Kubernetes Stats menu gives you a holistic view of your deployment by clicking on a single log line. The Kubernetes Stats menu can surface the pod resource consumption patterns along with deployed image and restart counts.

The new Kubernetes Stats menu showing pod resource consumption, node resource consumption and other pod metadata.

Kubernetes Enrichment will help save your team from bouncing between several observability tools to get the full picture you need to solve an issue.

Creating a Seamless Kubernetes Observability Experience

As a large advocate of Kubernetes, we’re dedicated to continuously building out easier workflows for our users to solve increasingly complex issues seen in Kubernetes clusters. With the release of Kubernetes Enrichment, you and your team will be able to leverage existing application logs enhanced with Kubernetes information, ultimately giving a better end-to-end picture of your Kubernetes deployment.

Getting Early Access

If you’re interested in taking part in our early access program, make sure to stop by our booth and register for the LogDNA Lab to access Kubernetes Enrichment in your LogDNA account. If you have any questions or problems getting access during KubeCon, stop by our booth and we can help you out.

What’s coming up next

We’re excited to continue expanding availability of Kubernetes Enrichment to our customers. We anticipate Kubernetes Enrichment to be available for customers later this year.

Want to learn more about Kubernetes Enrichment? Check out our docs page for more details.

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