Open Ecosystems, Interoperability + CloundFoundry Webinar

Our VP Product, Peter Cho hosted a webinar with CloudFoundry last week to share his pragmatic approach in this golden age of developer tools, on-premise, open source services, and cloud offerings of build vs buy.

You can access the recording here or see the slides below.

During the webinar, Peter shared how it can be a challenge to stay ahead of trends. These days, you are empowered to pick the best tool for the job, whether it’s PostgreSQL, Node.js, CloudFoundry, Kubernetes, or whichever project is garnering the most buzz on Hacker News.

We moved from large monolithic companies who own the entire stack to large monolithic companies who offer open source services. We also moved from hairy and difficult to manage physical and software infrastructures to hairy and difficult to manage virtualized infrastructures. What's old is new again.

Here are some pieces of advice that Peter shares to thrive in this new world:

  • Don't cargo cult
  • Don't chase trends, be pragmatic and focus on your business needs
  • Buy, don't build (unless you HAVE to)

Some great questions came out of the webinar and we're looking forward to future webinars with CloudFoundry! If you would like to learn more, go check out our other webinars on our website.


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