LogDNA Announces $25 Million Series B Investment Led By Emergence Capital

You know, my motto is ‘Excelsior.’ That’s an old word that means ‘upward and onward to greater glory’. - Stan Lee

Stan Lee believed in the power of strength in numbers, that a group working together can create a force so powerful it’s unstoppable; from “X-Men” to “Avengers”, these teams had a pioneering spirit, heroic work ethics, and group thinking that surpasses individual brainpower almost every time. Today marks that day when the LogDNA superhero team becomes even stronger. I’m excited to announce that LogDNA has closed our Series B round of financing. We raised a $25M round of financing, led by Emergence Capital.More capital means we can continue to move upward and onward, stretching the limits of our imagination and innovative spirit in the DevOps Intelligence space.I look forward to this new chapter of our journey together.Excelsior!ChrisPS. We're hiring! Check out our careers page to join us.Here's the official press release below.

Logdna Team

LogDNA Announces $25 Million Series B Investment Led By Emergence Capital

Multi-Cloud Log Management System to Modernize and Streamline DevOps Landscape Through Affordable Log Monitoring and Analysis

Mountain View, CA – Following recent announcements about a new relationship with IBM and expanded service offerings, today LogDNA confirmed closing a $25 million Series B investment led by the venture firm Emergence Capital with participation from Initialized Capital, Y Combinator Continuity Growth and Providence Equity. LogDNA’s client list includes IBM, Instacart and Lime, which currently leverage LogDNA in their production and development environments. The company saw tremendous growth in 2018 with over 2,000 customers using their solution and a 5x revenue increase over the previous year. LogDNA will use the cash infusion to scale their engineering, sales and marketing teams.  LogDNA’s ease of use, flexible deployment options, and best in class cost of ownership are helping them to gain traction with DevOps and engineering teams. IBM recently announced that LogDNA will be their default logging provider for IBM Cloud customers, which further solidifies the company’s leadership and recognition in the market. LogDNA also announced additional service offerings to support customers who also wish to host their products in their own hosting environments. “As every company in the world becomes a software company, a solution that can quickly and securely analyze logs from multiple clouds and on-premise servers is critical to maximize uptime across the board,” explained Emergence Capital General Partner Joe Floyd. “Our entire team agreed that LogDNA has the core functionality, intuitive interface and smart scaling capabilities to be that indispensable solution, and thus we are thrilled to partner with them to bring this game-changer to market.”“The evolution of microservices and Kubernetes have led to an inflection point where one size does not fit all when it comes to application insights.  We have seen a shift to Multi-Cloud environments with data residing across multiple different infrastructures and regions.” said LogDNA co-founder and CEO Chris Nguyen  “LogDNA has a suite of modern offerings that are already resonating with our 2,000+ customers. We are excited to be able expand on our solution and enable teams to view all of their log data regardless of data residency and infrastructure.”     LogDNA can begin collecting and analyzing logs from AWS, Docker, Heroku, Elastic, and more in under two minutes with virtually zero onboarding time required. The flexibility of LogDNA means it is readily deployable in self-hosted, cloud and multi-cloud environments, and the system can easily send logs via Syslog, Code library, or agent. Logs in Kubernetes can start flowing with just two kubectl commands.  Learn more about LogDNA at https://logdna.com/ About Emergence Emergence Capital, is the leading venture capital firm focused on early stage enterprise companies. Its mission is to be the most valuable partner to the most important companies that are changing the way the world works. In 2017, the firm was named Venture Firm of the Year by the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA). The firm's investments include companies such as Salesforce (CRM), Veeva Systems (VEEV), Box (BOX), SuccessFactors (SFSF, acquired by SAP), Yammer (acquired by Microsoft), Zoom, ServiceMax (acquired by GE) and Intaact (acquired by Sage). More information on Emergence Capital can be found at http://www.emcap.com. About LogDNA LogDNA is a leading provider of Log Management applications that provide deep insight into development and production environments.  With customers like IBM, Instacart and Lime, LogDNA is currently enabling over 2,000 companies with their modern log management platform.  LogDNA’s flexible deployment options enable teams to ingest, aggregate and view all of their log data regardless of data residency and infrastructure.  Their Multi-Cloud solution provides DevOps teams with ability to effortlessly control cost and manage their data volumes. For more information, visit https://logdna.com

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