Store and Show Raw Log Lines

Adding the ability to store and view raw logs, allowing customers to debug with logs in their unaltered form. 

If you’ve ever looked at your logs and noticed that the timestamp was different than what you expected, it is usually due to a long latency between the event and processing time of the logs. Depending on the size of the latency, we may update the log timestamp to order them accurately and to provide a cleaner and more intuitive search experience. We understand there are times when you would like to view the log in its original format, and this feature allows you to view the raw logs lines as we’ve received them.

Get access to this feature by toggling the Store and Show Raw Lines option under Manage Organization settings (/manage/profile). Once the feature is turned on, LogDNA will start storing and displaying raw logs. This change will not apply retroactively, meaning logs that have been ingested prior to turning on Store and Show Raw Lines will not have the RAW LINE section.

Turning on Store and Show Raw Lines option in LogDNA

LogDNA automatically parses and dedupes your logs on ingestion. This process may alter some logs but can save you storage cost. Because storing the unaltered format of all logs lines can slightly increase the cost of storage, we’ve left this feature default off. Read more about the feature with documentation.

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