LogDNA for GitHub Students

We have partnered with the GitHub Student Developer Pack to offer you:

• 50GB of log storage per month ($2/GB for each additional GBs over 50.)
• 14 days of retention
• Free for one year!

This offer lasts until June 20, 2022.

The best way to get ready for building software in the real world is by using tools that thousands of teams at companies like IBM, and Lime Bike are using day in and day out. We’ve prepared this offer for you so that you can get experience with a tool that’s built for developers, with the scale and reliability of enterprise-grade infrastructure.

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Why LogDNA?

Enterprise Grade Cloud Logging

Powerful, reliable, enterprise-ready cloud log management and analysis that’s fully integrated, fully compliant, and secure.

Fast, Responsive, and Intuitive Interface

Our beautiful, modern logging platform was made by developers, for developers. Instantly capture, search, centralize, and graph your logs from any platform, at any volume.

Lowest Industry TCO

Whether you’re upgrading from open source log management or looking for a more affordable enterprise solution, we offer the lowest TCO in the industry with no contracts, paywalls, or fixed data buckets.

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