The true cost of the Elastic Stack

The Elastic Stack can be a good option for teams that are just beginning their log management journey. However, as businesses scale, they often realize that the Elastic Stack’s “free” price tag comes with many hidden costs. Let’s take a look.

LogDNA-Infographic-True-Cost-of-Elastic-Stack-For-Web-Infrastructure Costs

Infrastructure Costs


Infrastructure is an all encompassing term, and must include considerations for both capacity and deployment. It's important to remember that you must have enough infrastructure to not only ingest log data in real time, but also index and store it.

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Customization Costs


The real value of the Elastic Stack comes from the ability to make log data insightful and actionable for developers. For teams building a solution from scratch, that means extra work customizing their solution in a number of ways before it can be deemed production-ready.

LogDNA-Infographic-True-Cost-of-Elastic-Stack-For-Web-Customization Costs
LogDNA-Infographic-True-Cost-of-Elastic-Stack-For-Web-Operational Costs

Operational Costs


The Elastic Stack is not a "set it and forget it" solution. When log volume increases, issues such as slower queries and significantly increased resource usage will begin to emerge. Engineering staff must be available to respond to these issues.

Support Costs


The Elastic Stack offers paid professional support based on a subscription model with virtual, in-person, and official certification training. You're likely to spend an additional $2,000 per employee per year on training alone.

LogDNA-Infographic-True-Cost-of-Elastic-Stack-For-Web-Support Costs
LogDNA-Infographic-True-Cost-of-Elastic-Stack-For-Web-ELK Costs

3-Year Deployment


We have seen how the Elastic Stack can grow from a free solution to a $1.7 million solution in just three years. With LogDNA, the considerations you would have to make in building your own log management solution are already baked into our platform, resulting in a complete logging solution right out of the box.  Our SaaS offering provides a scalable platform that ingests, analyzes and visualizes data to make it more consumable and actionable for your teams. With features that allow for meaningful customization, along with a number of controls that give you power over your log data, LogDNA empowers everyone in your organization with data that makes it easier to identify, remediate, and even proactively prevent issues in your modern applications. And best of all, LogDNA’s intuitive interface and simple setup make it the developer’s choice for insightful log management, as it does not require extensive onboarding or training efforts. With LogDNA, your teams have real-time access to the most meaningful log data, without the need to disrupt their workflow or take time away from core business functions.

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LogDNA G2 Best Enterprise Software Award

The best features are being able to drill down to pod level, server level metrics (in k8s), searching against time frame, their ease of using words to search, saving searches, and the alerting through slack. The benefit of being able to debug a problem going through the logs helps us fix bugs and issues faster than we could imagine.

LogDNA G2 Best Enterprise Software AwardLogDNA G2 Best Enterprise Software Award

Ravi D., DevOps Engineer - Enterprise

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