LogDNA Unveils Observability Data Streaming

LogDNA Unveils Observability Data Streaming

LogDNA unveiled LogDNA Streaming.

LogDNA’s Data Ingestion Pipeline can ingest, parse, and normalize massive, fluctuating amounts of structured and unstructured log data. LogDNA Streaming now automatically sends that data to any application or analysis tool, while maintaining tight control over storage costs and compliance measures.

“With the rise of cloud-native infrastructure and soaring data volumes, enterprises continue to make difficult sacrifices around how to use all of their machine data while controlling costs,” said Tucker Callaway, CEO, LogDNA. “Building upon LogDNA’s ability to ingest and normalize massive volumes of log data, we’ve now made it possible to route that vital data for a wide range of use cases, from application development and troubleshooting to cybersecurity and compliance.”

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