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Is your Splunk bill out of control?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions like Splunk are one of the most expensive tools in an observability stack. In a recent study by The Harris Poll and LogDNA , we found that:  

33% of enterprises say the volume of logs they send to their SIEM results in cost overruns.

61% limit the number of logs they send to their SIEM, resulting in slower incident response.

Reduce your Splunk bill and improve incident response with LogDNA Observability Pipeline.

How LogDNA’s Observability Pipeline works

LogDNA’s Observability Pipeline enables organizations to shift their data control point away from Splunk to save costs by 50% while increasing the value of their log data. Our solution makes configuration and routing a breeze. Ingest only relevant log data into Splunk and send the rest to storage. Easily understand data flow and enable key workflows, all while dramatically reducing your Splunk bill.

We’ve tested and scaled this technology on IBM Cloud and now we’re bringing it to market for the masses.

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