The Pitfalls of Kafka

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Better Mortgage Speeds Kubernetes Troubleshooting with Help from LogDNA

Better Mortgage promises its customers a seamless experience for securing a mortgage. To deliver fully on that promise, the company must ensure that it can quickly identify, troubleshoot, and resolve software performance and security issues that arise within its IT environments.

With the help of LogDNA, Better Mortgage was able to build a software monitoring and analytics stack that delivers the visibility its engineers need to find and fix problems fast. Read the full case study for a look at why Better Mortgage migrated from an open source analytics solution to LogDNA, and how LogDNA helped the company optimize the management of its complex, Kubernetes-based environments.

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LogDNA is the Key to Kubernetes Observability

When you develop security software for containers, Kubernetes, and cloud services, as Sysdig does, you have an especially keen appreciation of what it takes to build an effective observability stack. You are also in a strong position to appreciate the efficiency that comes with modern observability tools that work seamlessly with next-generation platforms, such as Kubernetes. 

Both of these factors contributed to Sysdig’s decision to adopt LogDNA for gaining operational observability into its internal IT infrastructure. We recently spoke to Mark Breitung, a senior member of the DevOps team at Sysdig, about why the company chose LogDNA, and how the solution enables the holistic, contextualized observability that his team needs to keep the Sysdig platform running smoothly.

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Modern Logging for Modern Account Opening

We sat down with James Qualls, a Director of Engineering at MANTL, to hear how LogDNA is empowering the developers on his team to own their monitoring. James is one of two Directors of Engineering at MANTL. He handles Infrastructure, and his counterpart, Eric Gomez, handles Application Architecture. James and his team are responsible for everything underneath the work that Eric’s team stands on top of.

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LogDNA and IBM find synergy in cloud

In 2018 LogDNA partnered with tech giant, IBM, to become the sole logging provider for IBM Cloud. This is the story of how the partnership started. Since then, LogDNA has grown to support thousands of internal IBM teams and enterprises on IBM Cloud and is deployed in eight multi-zone regions across the globe. 

Users have access to two offerings in the cloud catalog. IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA provides detailed insights into all environments by centralizing application, system, and server logs into a single UI. Users can deploy on IBM Cloud in minutes, see their logs instantly in Live Tail, and search using natural language. Intelligent Parsing, real-time Alerts, and custom visualizations help teams stay up to date with the data that’s most valuable to them. 

IBM Cloud Activity Tracker with LogDNA is for anyone using IBM Cloud Services to help them gain insights into actions that change the state of these services. This offering provides real-time Alerts, custom Views, and data visualizations with Boards and Graphs to show a snapshot of Cloud Service activities and help users identify trends over time.

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