Control all of your log data in one place

See how our log management solution controls costs and fuels productivity for modern engineering teams.

Logging is shifting left

Debug. Ship. Troubleshoot. Repeat.

Most teams are not getting what they expect from observability tools

Organizations slow down incident response because they limit data entering their systems to reduce cost.
Their tools do not enable collaboration across teams who need access to log data.
2 in 3 say they spend more time resolving issues because their logging tools are not easy to use.
58% agree that security remains a big pain point and visibility is critical to fast incident response.

Why DevOps teams choose LogDNA

Control log data costs without sacrificing visibility

Manage log volume by storing what’s important and archiving the rest.

Improve mean time to incident resolution

Identify issues efficiently with intuitive querying and real-time alerts.

Reduce time-wasting handoffs

Get the right data to the right development team fast.

Best software award

"The centralization of key technical information produces a powerful repository to quickly assist in diagnosing problems in real time."

- Bernard L., Systems Architect & Head of SAP

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