The LogDNA platform was built
for modern data observability

Today’s enterprises must manage a massive amount of machine data. They require a platform that enables engineering teams to deliberately route and store structured and unstructured data for different teams with unique use cases. Legacy platforms weren’t made for this moment.

LogDNA lets organizations ingest, process, route, analyze, and store all of their log data. Purpose-built for modern engineering teams—including developers, SREs, IT Operations, and Security Engineers—the LogDNA platform is trusted by thousands of companies for SaaS, cloud, and hybrid applications. 

LogDNA Platform enables engineering teams to deliberately route and store different data for different teams and for different use cases

We started with the cornerstone
of the DevOps culture: logs

Logs are the language of DevOps. They are a critical part of observability and they enable teams to work together in the development environment. Yet, enterprise development teams struggle to quickly search, find, and use vital information from their logs. We are solving this problem for thousands of developers and DevOps teams with a platform that enables consumption, control, collaboration, and security.


Data is coming from many different places. LogDNA makes it easy to centralize.
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Code Libraries
Code Libraries
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Live Tail
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Automatic & Custom


Centralizing data is only half the battle. Having control over how to get the right data,
to the right person, at the right time, is where teams unlock the true value of their logs.
Usage Quotas
Usage Quotas
Exclusion Rules
Exclusion Rules
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Variable Retention
Log Data Restoration


Once a developer has access to data, we provide the tools that unlock actionable insights
that allow for quicker debugging and better collaboration.
Boards & Graphs
Kubernetes Enrichment
Kubernetes Enrichment
Export API
Export API


Industrywide there’s a call to shift security left, expanding DevOps methodologies into DevSecOps. The bottleneck,
it turns out, is the same signal-to-noise problem we’ve solved for development and operations teams.
See how LogDNA enables DevSecOps


Developer Loved, Enterprise Trusted

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