Partnering with LogDNA

LogDNA provides a scalable and easy to use platform that makes logs actionable across teams. It’s trusted by thousands of developers and DevOps teams for SaaS, cloud, and hybrid applications. We partner with brands that developers already love to provide a seamless experience for monitoring, debugging, and troubleshooting.

Whether your solution runs in the cloud, on-prem, or both, LogDNA will aggregate your customers’ logs so that they can quickly access, understand, and take action on them. As a valued partner, the LogDNA team will work with you to modernize and optimize your customers’ logging experience.

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How we partner

Valuable logging integrations:
automatically parses logs on ingestion so that your users can see and search them instantly in the LogDNA UI, regardless of their structure (or lack thereof).

We’ve collaborated with partners like
Heroku and NGINX to create out-of-the-box logging experiences for their users via our Template Library. LogDNA Templates pre-populate Views, Boards and Graphs, and Screens to help users quickly gain insights from their logs and can be further customized to meet unique needs.

Lean on the logging experts:
Leverage LogDNA’s expertise in logging with help from our product, engineering, and go-to-market teams to understand the value of logging for your customers’ DevOps workflows.

Driving thought leadership:
We’re grateful to be part of an amazing community that knows we’re stronger together. LogDNA works with partners to create content, participate in events, and connect with this community. Together, we can help users unlock the full potential of our offerings and create solutions for the next generation of DevOps professionals.

Partner programs

Cloud/Marketplace partners:
Our integrations into cloud platforms and marketplaces allow users to easily deploy LogDNA where they already work and easily aggregate logs from other cloud services in their stack.

Technical Integration Partners:
Our technical integration partners can integrate directly into the LogDNA platform through a variety of inputs and outputs. These partners leverage LogDNA features like
the LogDNA Agent, Alerts, and Archiving to give their users deeper insights and more control over their log data.

Channel Partners:
Our channel partners encompass a broad range of resellers, distributors, systems integrators, and consultants. They help us reach audiences in specialized markets and tailor our offering to their needs.

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