Security is shifting left

Enable security, operations, and development teams to collaborate in building secure, reliable applications.

Logging is shifting left

Debug. Ship. Troubleshoot. Repeat.

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DevSecOps: building secure applications
without compromising speed

There’s a call throughout the industry to shift security left in the software development lifecycle, expanding the DevOps methodologies that have been growing in adoption for more than a decade. DevSecOps is based on the idea that security is not an afterthought. Rather, it is a collaborative process that must be integrated from the start of the development process. To make this collaboration possible, every team—from security to development to operations—needs tools and a common language to communicate and succeed together. Logging is the language of DevSecOps.

According to a survey conducted by Palo Alto Networks, 45% of highly prepared companies have embedded security into the DevOps processes and 41% integrate security in at least four stages of the development lifecycle.

Benefits of log management in DevSecOps

• Easier to identify when something goes wrong, shortening long test cycles
• Real-time awareness of risk, enabling teams to prevent defects
• Mitigates risk earlier in the development cycle, avoiding rework and delays

LogDNA enables collaboration, so all teams
can build secure applications

LogDNA does exactly what is needed for collaboration: Empower teams with the data
they need to modernize their application security practices.


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