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In our next webinar, Peter Cho, VP Product at LogDNA will be presenting: Open Ecosystems, Interoperability + Multi-Cloud: The Risks, Rewards & Trade-offs for Developers

Gone are the days where development teams were force-fed a vertically integrated set of tools and services, now developers are empowered to pick the best tool for the job, whether it’s PostgreSQL, Node.js, Kubernetes, or the latest project premiering on Hacker News.

It's a golden age for developers, and at the same time, also extremely challenging to stay ahead, building on-premise and cloud offerings that you can easily deploy anywhere, anytime, with high availability regardless of region or cloud provider.

In this webinar, Peter Cho, VP Product management will talk about:

  • Trend towards Open Ecosystems, Interoperability & Multi-cloud
  • The risks and tradeoffs of adopting new technologies
  • The lessons learned and how to stay ahead in this open (yet fragmented) new world

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